100% is Possible, and we’ll get there through 50%

There is more than enough wind and solar energy to power a 100% renewable world. We even have the technology today to harness the energy. Don’t just take my word for it, Mark Jacobson has released a study which details how each state could achieve 100% renewable power with existing technologies.

 We can achieve a better, more just world which is powered 100% by renewable energy. The only obstacle is political will.

 The Best Way to 100% is through 50%. To achieve our collective goal of 100% renewable, we must heed the lessons from our past.

Back in 2004 Maryland passed a law which was groundbreaking at the time, requiring 7.5% renewable electricity by 2019. While climate activists cheered in 2004, everyone knew the work was just getting started. Since then climate activists succeeded in revising the law over and over and over, increasing the percentage a little each time. Now our state is legally required to have 25% renewable electricity by 2020.

Back in 2004, 25% by 2020 never would have passed. The pathway to 25% was to first pass 7.5%.  Similarly, the best way to 100% is to first pass 50%.