45 has dismantled the Federal Advisory Committee on Climate Change

The President has ordered that the Federal Advisory Committee on Climate Change be disbanded this month. The job of the committee is to ensure that climate analysis is incorporated into long-term government planning. They are also in charge of analyzing the congressionally mandated climate report which comes out every four years (and is due out next year). This report states where the nation stands in relation to climate change and the results are then used to advise government agencies. From CNN

“The experts who sat on the now-defunct committee warn that without their advice and guidance, the release of the federal climate report could be the equivalent of a large scientific data dump absent of useful context for a public that lacks scientific expertise.”

A lack of understanding of these results could lead to an absurd amount of poor decisions regarding land and infrastructure, decisions which will damage our natural resources, our communities, and the climate an astronomical amount.

We must continue to resist these senseless decisions in any ways that we can.