Our Mission

The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative will bring people together to work for a better Maryland. Carbon dioxide is driving catastrophic global climate change and on a local scale, Maryland has some of the worst ground-level ozone pollution in the eastern United States. Maryland generates more than half of its electricity from fossil fuel sources and we continue to lack adequate industry in our state. For these reasons, the need for united action is clear.

The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative will work to enact legislation to ensure that 50% of Maryland’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2030. This same legislation will fund clean energy workforce development to establish career pathways for more Maryland workers to fill this growing industry. The mandate will also invest in clean energy businesses owned by women and people of color to ensure that this growing economy is inclusive. Last, the legislation will phase out incentives for trash incineration in the Renewable Portfolio Standard to move Maryland closer toward being a state powered by the sun.

We will build a coalition of community, labor, faith, and business groups in 2017 and use that coalition to pass this legislation in the 2018 legislative session.