International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day–and it’s also (intentionally) the Day Without a Woman. As we struggle to get through our workdays without the women who help us to succeed, we might be having more conversations about who runs our industry. Who are the frontrunners of Clean Energy, and who is missing from the picture?

A Clean Energy future must be inclusive and it must include women and people of color. As always in the fight for justice, some progress has been made. However there is still ample work to be done, and we are hoping to contribute to it. Our proposed legislation will not only increase the percentage of clean energy in the state of Maryland, it will also fund women and minority owned clean energy businesses. We are an inclusive clean energy campaign and we support an inclusive clean energy industry. Environmentalism hasn’t always included everyone in climate change conversations and it hasn’t always investigated all-encompassing solutions.

However, the discussions in the environmental world are more frequently including topics like environmental racism, classism, and the lack of diversity in the industry. This trend is essential and it must continue. A struggling earth and a smog-filled environment will hurt everyone. Thus, climate change is an “everyone” issue and we must push our discussions, campaigns, and political solutions to be both accessible to everyone and to include change, for everyone. We are fighting for a cleaner state, a cleaner country, and very importantly an inclusively cleaner world.

Let’s get our girls and people of color into STEM and propel them to changing the world. Here are two great articles about what clean energy industries are doing to be more inclusive, both abroad and here at home.