Solar Creates Jobs

Just how many jobs does solar create?

We all know that solar energy creates jobs, but it can be hard to wrap our heads around just how many jobs. According to the US Department of Energy, to generate the same amount of electricity, solar creates more than 70 times as many job as coal, and more than 30 times as many jobs as natural gas.

Even while employing so many more people, solar is already cheaper than coal in many areas, and the cost is falling so rapidly that it is quickly overtaking natural gas in affordability.

What does this mean for Maryland? In 2017 solar constituted 1.15 of Maryland’s electricity, but already it has created more than 160 Maryland based companies employing over 5,000 residents. If the 50% bill passes it will increase the amount of solar in Maryland by more than 1,200%! That’s a one thousand two hundred percent increase, bringing hundreds, if not thousands of new business to maryland and creating tens of thousands of new jobs.

Let us all remember that clean energy creates jobs. It creates a lot of jobs.