Wind and Solar

The new Renewable Portfolio Standard takes effect

A month ago, climate activists were able to push an override of Hogan’s veto of the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act (our namesake and muse). Thirty days have passed since the bill went through the general assembly and, effective today, it is the law of the land!

Maryland is now held to a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) of 25% clean electricity by the year 2020. It’s the law: our state is mandated to source 25% renewable energy within the next three years. Congratulations and thank you to all who worked hard to push this through.

But objects in motion stay in motion–we can’t stop here.

Support our new initiative to propel Maryland to an RPS of 50% by 2030! Donate, sign up for our newsletter, or get in touch with us to stay more involved. This is incredible momentum and we’ve got to keep it going!

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