We’ve Got Support! Organization Endorsement Tally

We’ve got support!
Organization Endorsement Tally

The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative uses a proven six-step campaign model that has helped pass legislation in Maryland for decades. Check out our six-step video Here, which outlines exactly how we’ll do it.

Step Three of the model is all about the Resolution. We have created a one page resolution outlining exactly what the legislation will do and why. To read it in full, click Here.

Our goal is to gather as many signatures on that Resolution as is humanly possible. You can help us, too. If you belong to or run an organization, faith-based group, advocacy group, business, or the likes and you think they would sign on, send them our way.

Each month, we’ll let you know how far we’ve come by updating you with our official signatory count. You can also view the list and the count, which are updated in real time, by clicking Here.

Signatory Count as of October 1, 2017: