Why I Do This Work: A Monthly Feature

This month we’re trying something new! Instead of grabbing a story from one of our core advocates, we’ve reached out to our broader support base and asked them why they support the initiative. We’re listing their responses below.

This Week’s Clean Activists responded to the following prompt: 
“I support clean energy workforce development and the reduction of carbon emissions because…”

“I care about our planet and how future generations will experience the world.”

“We’ve exploited and abused this planet for far too long.”

“I believe it is the future we must follow. Our planet is small and we need to keep it healthy!”

“I think these things [Clean Energy Jobs and Reducing Carbon Emissions] are the cornerstones of a better future.”

“We have limited resources and need to use them wisely. Our carbon footprint is impacting our planet negatively. Any progress we make in reducing our carbon footprint will benefit us all.”

“I believe that we have a collective responsibility to care for the planet and our communities.”

“There’s a sane plight in plain sight and it’s not a lost cause, but it will cost laws.”

Thanks for your thoughts, hard work, and support! We loved hearing your perspective.