Why I Do This Work: A Monthly Feature

We host a regular series called “Why I do this Work” which features a new Clean Energy Jobs campaign activist each month. We want to hear personal stories to gain a clear perspective of why we are all working together to accomplish this goal.

This Week’s Clean Activist: Avery Davis, Program Manager at Interfaith Power and Light

In my tradition, creation begins in a garden. In Genesis 2, God scoops a handful of soil (adamah) and breathes life into it to create the first human (adam). In this first breath of creation, God molds adam from adamah, or humans from humus. Then God planted a garden, put the human in that garden, and instructed him to serve and protect that garden. And what next? God creates a partner for that dirt-person — another human with whom to labor in the service and protection of the world.

I find deep meaning and value in this creation story. It teaches me the core values of what it means to be human and what I’m here to do. It’s simple: my faith compels me to labor in service and protection of our world, and do that alongside others. This is the core of my mission with Interfaith Power & Light: to invite people of faith into the sacred partnership of restoring our garden — the world. Responding to climate change requires us to recognize that we are in interdependent relationship with others, both human and non-human. In that sacred relationship, I am called to labor for the protection of our world, and to help others do the same.

As a part of the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative, I am doing just that: laboring with partners across Maryland to get our energy in cleaner ways and to equip others with family-supporting jobs that help them do the same. The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative has four goals: to expand renewable electricity to 50% by 2030; to remove sources of energy that destroy and pollute our garden, starting with trash incineration; to fund clean energy job training programs for Maryland residents, and to invest in clean energy businesses owned by people of color, women, and veterans. Those goals bring the blessings of the clean energy economy to our neighbors who need them most. Genesis 2 teaches me that work is sacred; that people deserve jobs that improve their lives and the world around them. By equipping people with training for jobs in renewable energy, we are envisioning and building a future where everyone can labor honorably in protection and service of our world.

For me, this work is sacred. I am part of the Initiative because through it, I can work towards healing to the people, places, and creatures of Maryland, and ensure that no one is left behind. I invite you into this sacred partnership — to labor in community with others in Maryland to serve and protect the garden.

Thanks for all your hard work Avery! We loved hearing your perspective.