Why I Do This Work Week One: Invest in Our Communities

The campaign is beginning a three month journey through the Maryland General Assembly. We plan to pass The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act by the end of the Legislative session. We’ll walk every step together–join us here every two weeks for featured stories in line with our campaign themes. This week’s theme: Invest in Our Communities

One of this week’s advocates: Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke of the Baltimore City Council. Read below to hear why Mary Pat Clarke does this work to invest in our communities.

“Clean energy, when coupled with job training and opportunities for career-paths with livable wages, has both environmental and employment benefits–all of which add up to great opportunities for our communities. Our challenge is to grow the grassroots support to make this happen. The Baltimore City Council is proud to have been Maryland’s first local subdivision to support the State’s Clean Energy Jobs Campaign by unanimously adopting Council Resolution 17-0045R: Supporting Clean Energy Jobs, which calls upon the State to expand and strengthen Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Campaign requires utilities to increase their purchase of renewable energy from the current target of 25% by 2020 to 50% renewable electricity by 2030.  Tied in are the State’s targeted investment in job training and renewable energy career paths for residents in our most economically distressed neighborhoods as well as assistance for minority and women owned businesses working in this field. It is critical to bolster the Maryland economy with more job opportunities so we can ensure that our communities thrive and remain standing.

It is not only Baltimore that needs this bill–all of Maryland does. That’s why I introduced it to the Baltimore City Council and why we unanimously endorsed. We want to stand behind and uplift our most vulnerable communities and we can do that through job training programs and environmental justice.

Thanks to the growing support across the State for this initiative, we have a good chance to push the “two-in-one”envelope of both clean energy and meaningful career development. This will require a concentrated effort this coming legislative session and election year.

See you there!”