Why I Do This Work Week One: Invest in our Communities

The campaign is beginning a three month journey through the Maryland General Assembly. We plan to pass The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act by the end of the Legislative session. We’ll walk every step together–join us here every two weeks for featured stories in line with our campaign themes. This week’s theme: Invest in Our Communities

One of this week’s advocates: Lauren Barchi, Program Director, Solar United Neighborhoods of Maryland

Read below to hear why Lauren does this work to invest in our communities

“One of my favorite tasks as the new Program Director for Solar United Neighbors of Maryland is to meet all the solar supporters that make our community so strong. Just a couple of weeks ago, I set out on a tour to meet some of the participants in our Bowie Solar Co-op who recently installed their solar systems. I got the chance to sit down and hear the stories of quite a few solar homeowners. I learned that these individuals are a motivated, passionate, and diverse group who are enthusiastic about helping their communities share in the benefits of going solar. More than one homeowner presented their latest energy bill to show me just how much they have saved, and many also expressed interest in reaching out to their neighbors to help more people benefit from increased sustainable energy.

Leo was one of those people.  He has been so motivated by what solar has done for him that he spent most of our chat talking about ways to spread the word to communities that are often underserved by sustainable energy. Out of his experience and our talk Leo has agreed to help us further engage the Latino community to ensure that they are not missing out on opportunities to benefit from increased sustainable and clean energy.

I do this job because of people like Leo, and the countless other people who are benefiting from renewable energy who are so empowered that they feel they need to go out and help other communities take advantage of its numerous benefits.”