Why I Took The Pledge: These Anne Arundel County candidates support Clean Energy Jobs!

These Anne Arundel County Candidates support Clean Energy Jobs and here’s why:

Alice Cain, District 30a, Running for Delegate

As a mom, the main reason I support the Clean Energy Jobs Campaign is because it is such a vital step in building a cleaner planet for my children, and their children. The reality is that they are going to have to deal with climate change for the rest of their lives, and my concern about the climate-related problems they could face literally keeps me up at night. Future generations deserve for my generation to do everything we can to help.

I also support this legislation just because it is so clearly the right thing to do. This law will protect vulnerable communities, bring 20,000 new solar jobs to Maryland through 2028, attract new investment to local businesses, and will reduce our environmental impact across the state. It is a great way to make a difference.

Finally, at a time when the current administration in Washington DC is systemically unraveling environmental progress that was decades in the making, we need Maryland to continue our proud record of being an environmental leader and model for the rest of the country. It is not enough to simply keep things from getting worse during the current attacks; Maryland stay on the forefront and keep moving forward to protect our planet every way we can. This law will help.

I urge you to join the Clean Energy Jobs Campaign to help build a future we all deserve.


Susan Cochran, District 30b, Running for Delegate

Our prime goal for the environment must be clean, renewable energy!   Only that can give us healthy air, clear skies, clean water and slow down climate warming.  Globally, 7 million people died last year due to a completely preventable cause – unhealthy air.

The Maryland legislature needs to mandate higher percentages of renewable energy from our utility companies until we reach 50% by 2030.

I will be supporting such a bill as Delegate should the voters from 30B send me to represent them in the Legislature.

This is a winning issue for Maryland workers.  Jobs and clean energy go together. 240,000 jobs in the US have been created by solar panels alone.  In 2016, 1 of every 50 new jobs created was in the solar industry. The sale, installation, and maintenance of these panels is the primary job source.