Why I Took The Pledge: These Howard County/Greater Baltimore Area Candidates Support Clean Energy Jobs!

These Howard County and Greater Baltimore Area candidates support Clean Energy Jobs and here’s why:

Steve Bolen, District 9a, Running for Delegate

Why did I take the Pledge? Right now, we rely on an energy system that is not sustainable and is not capable of taking us into the future. Our current system was created over 100 years ago and is still largely based on burning fossil fuels. As our population continues to grow so too will our demands for energy. While estimates vary, it is likely that we will run out of “fossil fuel” energy by the end of the Century. At the very least, it will become increasingly more difficult to find and bring to market new fuel reserves. But, there’s no denying it, at some point, the Human race will eventually run out of fossil fuels.

There’s another problem with using oil, natural gas, and coal to charge our electrical grid and to fuel our cars and run our machinery. Extracting, transporting, refining, and burning (or, combusting) these fuels can lead to serious public safety and health hazards. Mining and drilling operations can have serious impact on workers’ health, alter landscapes, can damage fragile ecosystems, and pollute water sources. Transporting these fuels – often over long distances, by ship, barge, train, truck, pipeline, or other means to get them from where they are mined to where they are refined and, finally, to market exposes us to accidents. Spillage and leakage can endanger the environment and health of nearby residents. Burning fossil fuels puts greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and toxic elements into the air which contributes to long-term public health issues, air and water pollution, acid rain, and other serious problems. I don’t want to bring any of these environmental issues with us into the future!

Clean, renewable energy sources offer us a way out of the fossil fuel energy “dark age” and into a brighter, healthier, and eco-friendlier era. The revolution toward displacing fossil fuels with renewable alternatives like wind, solar, geothermal, sea-movement, and other types of systems is already underway. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that in 2012 renewable energy sources accounted for 13.2% of the world’s primary energy supply.  One year later, in 2013, it had grown to almost 22%, and by 2020 the IEA projects that renewable energy will account for nearly 26% of the worlds energy needs. Several countries are already planning their paths to a completely (or, nearly complete) renewable, clean energy system. The United States, with all our vast wealth, technology-leading industrial base, and deep environmental heritage should be one of those nations!


Dan Medinger, District 9b, Running for Delegate

I support the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative because it represents the future of our state and all of our citizens.  The Initiative will move Maryland to the front of combating climate change while creating good paying jobs.

I personally installed solar panels on my home and we are now contributing more energy to the grid than we use. It makes me feel good knowing that I am doing my part. We need to expand opportunities for others to participate as well.

To have a meaningful impact, we need the “urgency of now” to protect our environment and this Initiative does that. We can’t delay any longer. As a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, I will do all that I can to win passage in 2019.


Mark Weaver, District 12, Running for Delegate

I support the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act because our future will be created by the actions we take today. All my life I have lived in an economy powered by coal, oil and methane. Our reliance on these fossil fuels has become an addiction that carries the seeds of our destruction.

Climate Change has begun, but we don’t have to accept the worst effects. Solar and wind can provide most of our state’s power fairly soon, allowing us to maintain our lifestyle without tempting fate. Maryland can lead the way.

In the centuries to come, history books will reduce all the sound and fury of our present era to a few paragraphs. I hope that we in Maryland will be remembered as the people who faced this problem and acted with foresight and wisdom.