Why I Took The Pledge: These Prince George’s County Candidates Support Clean Energy Jobs!

These Prince George’s County Candidates support Clean Energy Jobs and here’s why:


Ben Barnes, District 21, Running for Delegate

Clearly, climate change is the greatest threat facing not only our state and our country, but the entire planet.  The importance of confronting this threat vigorously and immediately should be obvious, given the consequences we will face otherwise. Refugee crises, food and water shortages, and polluted air will be only some of the challenges faced by future generations if we don’t fight climate change, and as the father of two young children myself, the importance of leaving them a healthy, thriving planet has never been clearer to me.


I know we need to take climate change seriously in Maryland, and I’m proud to be one of the leading advocates of renewable energy in the General Assembly. I was the original primary sponsor of the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2016 before leaving the House Economic Matters Committee, and I signed additional legislation this session to create a 100% renewable energy standard. We have already made significant progress in reducing Maryland’s carbon footprint, and I am running for re-election because I am passionate about building on this progress.


LaTasha Ward, District 24, Running for Delegate

I am running for the House of Delegates because I care about the residents in the 24th District and throughout Maryland and I am committed to protecting the interest of the residents I serve. My campaign is truly a grassroots effort.  Supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Act means protecting the people I meet and talk with daily while door knocking, and all Marylanders. It is imperative that we protect our environment, and this initiative does just that.

Clean, renewable energy has proven itself to be a powerful driver of economic development in Maryland, including job creation. Increasing the amount of clean, renewable electricity – like wind and solar energy – to power our homes and businesses will benefit our health, our economy, our climate and our communities, and bring us on a pathway to achieve 100% renewable energy in Maryland.

There is no way around it, we must act fast for the betterment of our health, economic, climate, and justice benefits. This is why I am running for office. This is why I do this work.


Tommi Makila, District 27, Running for Senator

Climate change is a critical global challenge that must be addressed, but it is also an economic opportunity that Maryland needs to capitalize on. We must aggressively invest in the clean energy forms of the future. Because of this, I strongly support the Clean Energy Jobs Act and will champion it if elected to the Maryland Senate. Renewable energy is also where my professional expertise lies. I am energy analyst with a Maryland-based consulting firm and have worked for 20 years to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.





Jason Fowler, District 27c, Running for Delegate

I have been asked why I care about green technology and want to promote it in Annapolis as a Delegate. Growing up on the water in Calvert County, we always had an affinity and deep connection to our waterways. In fact, I have never lived anywhere without close access to the water. It is important as a citizen and as a representative in the House of Delegates that we protect our waterways and our environment as a whole.

The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act is proposing reasonable measures to protect our environment and at the same time create new industries in renewable energy in the State of Maryland. The proposals require a 50% Renewable Energy Portfolio by 2030. The Act once passed will reduce carbon emissions to the equivalent of 1.7 M cars being removed from our roads. The Act will also create 5,400 renewable jobs in the State. This is a straight forward policy decision that will only improve our State’s economy and environment.

As a child who suffered from Asthma, I understand the difficulty of taking a simple breath.Childhood deaths that relate to poor air quality could be lessened by this policy. This policy is not only about protecting our environment but promoting the safety and the health of our citizens. No child should suffer in sub-par air quality when there is a viable and affordable alternative of producing energy. We have the ability to empower our own citizens to be innovators and self-reliant for their our energy needs. I stand in strong support of this policy, and that is why I took the pledge.